Uzbekinvest launched a mobile application

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The new application "Uzbekinvest" will help to issue an insurance policy, report an insured event and receive compensation without visiting the office.

The Uzbekinvest insurance company provides insurance services in its online store, where in a few minutes you can issue an insurance policy online. On August 14, the company unveiled its new mobile application, which will become a personal insurer right in your smartphone.

Now, using the mobile application, you can easily issue new insurance policies, add existing ones, renew them and track their status. It will also help to report an insured event and get an online consultation on any questions from the company's specialists without visiting the office.

The application has a user-friendly interface, simple and intuitive navigation, and an attractive design. It takes three to five minutes to issue an insurance policy. All necessary documents can be downloaded from the phone by taking a photo of them with the camera.

All previously uploaded documents are stored in the user's personal account and are automatically uploaded when a new or renewal of an old policy is issued. The insurance policy is delivered to the client free of charge within one day anywhere in the republic. Now users of the mobile application can apply for a policy for 16 types of insurance.

Another key function that can be used in the Uzbekinvest application is filing an application for an insurance incident online, without visiting the office. The company's clients here will be able to report an insured event, send all photos from the scene and electronic copies of the necessary documents, as well as receive compensation for damages. This opportunity will facilitate the process of filing an incident and speed up the process of making payments.

The Uzbekinvest mobile application is publicly available for Android phones in the Play Market. Soon it will also be able to use the owners of phones on the iOS system.