Uzbekinvest launches a new project - information podcasts about insurance

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Radio Oriat Dono will broadcast weekly podcasts with Uzbekinvest specialists who will talk about insurance activities in Uzbekistan.

The Uzbekinvest insurance company jointly with the radio station Oriat Dono is launching a new project - information podcasts. Their goal is to increase the insurance literacy of the population and provide answers to questions regarding insurance.

The first podcast on the state of the insurance market in Uzbekistan and the attitude of the population towards insurance companies will be available on September 3 live on the radio station Oriat Dono on a wave of 106.5 FM from 10:00 to 11:00.

During the podcasts, Uzbekinvest specialists will provide detailed information about insurance activities in a simple and understandable language for the general population.

Listeners will be able to learn about the processes of payment of insurance compensation, the implementation of IT in insurance, electronic policies, the experience of foreign insurance companies, and be acquainted with the widely used terms of the insurance industry.

Radio listeners can ask their questions during the live broadcast and receive answers from leading experts in the insurance market.

Podcasts from Uzbekinvest will be broadcasted every week on Thursdays at 10:00 live on the radio station Oriat Dono (wave 106.5 FM) and YouTube. Video and audio recordings of podcasts will be available on the company's YouTube channel, pages on social networks and popular audio services Soundcloud, CastBox and Yandex.Music.

Instagram: @uzbekinvest_