Uzbekinvest Insurance Company continues to compensate the damage from natural disasters

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As a result of the storm wind that struck the regions of the Bukhara, Samarkand and Navoi, as well as the breaking of the dam in the Sardoba district of the Syrdarya region, a significant number of residential buildings suffered huge damage.

The next day after the incidents, the employees of the Uzbekinvest insurance company made field trips on site and assessed property damaged and lost as a result of natural disasters in an expeditious manner.
Applications by customers were reviewed expeditiously and insurance claims were paid in the shortest possible time, the volume of which as of June 12 of this year amounted to more than 3.8 billion soums.


Considered appeals

Compensation paid (mln. UZS)

Bukhara region


2 330,4

Syrdarya region


1 241,8

Navoi region



Samarkand region



Total paid:


3 829,7

Uzbekinvest continues to provide with insurance coverage in full and promptly fulfill its obligations under the insurance coverage provided to property of individuals and legal entities.

The main value is human life, the lost property will be reimbursed by Uzbekinvest.