Our dear women! We heartily congratulate you on International Women's Day on March 8!

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Despite the fact that according to the calendar, spring has already arrived, but its victorious procession begins precisely from this holiday. Nothing can stop the sun from overcoming the icy shackles of winter and give all living things their warmth.

International Women’s day is a celebration of renewal and hopes for a better life and the victory of good!

The key to such a victory has always been your love, selflessness and spiritual generosity. They have a decent life for every family. However, the life of a modern woman is not limited to family. In addition, we are well aware that without your wisdom, talent and hard work, success in your work would have been impossible.

So let every minute of your life be illuminated by the light of this spring day. Health to you, our dear women, happiness and success in all your endeavors!

Happy holiday !