The sixth release of the podcast "Uzbekinvest": business insurance

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Specialists of the Uzbekinvest insurance company discussed insurance of business and employees, and answered questions from the audience.

In the next sixth podcast "Uzbekinvest", experts of the insurance company talked about one of the most promising services - business insurance.

Highlights of the podcast

In the segment of large and small businesses, there are thousands of successful companies satisfied with the dynamics of their development. They are oblivious to potential threats that could impede further prosperity. As a rule, this happens due to the insignificance or complete absence of adverse events.

But what happens when serious problems begin? What to do if, due to a natural disaster, electricity goes out for a long time or all equipment and the purchased batch of goods burn out?

Not every owner of a small business is able to cover the costs out of his own pocket. Business insurance against risks will help minimize losses. Under the terms of the contract, upon the occurrence of an insured event, the insurer will undertake the obligation to compensate for the damage.

Property insurance

Insured event - damage to the property of the company. Compensation - full or partial.

Typically, managers insure property against fire, flooding, natural disasters and unlawful actions of third parties. A legal entity or an individual entrepreneur can insure any property, including:

Automobile (under the CASCO agreement) and any land (including special equipment), sea, rail and air transport:

The property;


Cargo during transportation;

Agricultural products.

Employee insurance

The basic insurance package can be supplemented with the personal insurance service for employees. This will increase the prestige of the company in the labor market, help attract and retain promising employees. And for companies that pay taxes according to the simplified income minus expenses system, corporate insurance of employees will reduce the taxable base.

Types of employee insurance:

Voluntary health insurance: if an employee needs medical assistance, he will receive it at the expense of the insurance company.

Accident insurance: if an employee is injured at work, the insurance company will pay compensation.

Corporate cumulative life insurance: the company creates accounts for employees and regularly transfers certain amounts to them. After completing the agreed period, the employee receives the accumulated money.

Business downtime insurance

Business interruptions can be huge losses. Delaying the shipment of a batch of goods will lead to the loss of customers, and staff salaries and taxes will still need to be paid. The owner may find himself in a cash gap. This is where production downtime insurance comes to the rescue.

In the new episode of the podcast, the company's specialists answered many other questions from listeners about business and employee insurance.

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