“Uzbekinvest” made insurance payment in the amount of 209.982.888.11 sums

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The death of a person is the worst outcome of a traffic accident. Therefore, following questions may arise: the amount of money relatives of those killed can count on and what kind of insurance compensation is permitted by law and how to get it.

One of such accidents occurred in Khorezm region with the citizen I.B.

Relatives of the deceased in a terrible accident in the Khorezm region received insurance payments in the amount of 209.982.888.11 sums.

First of all, our company would like to bring its condolences to the families and relatives of the deceased in this accident. We want to note that insurance is not just a necessity, but a really working tool where everyone can count on receiving an insurance payment, instead of incurring expenses themselves.

We cannot dispose of your health, property, but wherever you are: traveling, driving a car or even being in your house - Remember! You can always rely on us!

Take care of yourself! Good luck on the road!