Uzbekinvest has increased the volume of insurance coverage of FEZ and MPZ subjects nine times

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Compared to 2019, the volume of insurance for subjects of free economic and small industrial zones increased nine times.

Despite the negative trends associated with the pandemic and quarantine, Uzbekinvest provided a breakthrough development of insurance activities in the territories of free economic and small industrial zones.

The volume of business insurance in relation to 2019 increased nine times, and the collection of insurance premiums from more than 4.2 thousand insurance contracts - up to 7.2 billion soums.

During 2020, Uzbekinvest paid 1.9 billion soums of insurance claims for five insured events that occurred in the activities of FEZ and MPZ subjects.

The company will continue active work with enterprises-residents of free economic and small industrial zones. In particular, it is planned to develop new insurance products for companies, taking into account their requests and preferences, as well as to provide comprehensive insurance services for exporting companies.