The Happy Holder of Insurance

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The Happy Holder of Insurance So was the action held recently in Tashkent by the National Insurance Company Uzbekinvest

What is Uzbekinvest? It is a company that has a 24-year history in the domestic and international insurance market. And all these years she keeps the image of a reliable partner. Uzbekinvest provides all types of insurance, as well as constantly expanding range of insurance products, based on the needs and preferences of each client.

One should note in the meantime that compulsory motor liability insurance is one of the most popular types of insurances, therefore, a significant part of the population uses this insurance service. For more than 9 years, the company has been actively providing citizens with services for this type of insurance.

In order to promote insurance services among the population of the republic, expand the client base of the company among individuals, inform people about the newest developed insurance products, and also in connection with the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the formation of the national insurance company Uzbekinvest in the capital hotel WYNDHAM Tashkent the action takes place under the motto “The happy holder of insurance”.

The action was launched March 1 this year throughout the country and was held among the company’s new customers for compulsory motor liability insurance. During the event, 55 winners of the action were determined throughout the country, who were awarded valuable gifts.

According to the results of the first quarter of this year, the company Uzbekinvest collected more than 87.5 billion soums of insurance premiums, respectively, the liabilities to its customers amounted to 55.2 trillion soums.

I would like to note that the clients’ confidence in the insurance company is the result of prompt settlement of insurance claims and timely payment of insurance claims. So, Uzbekinvest in the first quarter paid more than 6 billion soums of insurance compensation, while settling 2,594 applications received from clients.

In particular, the compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners since the beginning of this year the company collected 2.1 billion soums of insurance premiums, respectively, the liabilities assumed amounted to 456 billion soums, and insurance payments of more than 250 million soums were also made.

But back to the action “The happy holder of insurance”, during which 55 valuable prizes were played, including television sets, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other household appliances. Note that in the hall of the hotel, where the prize draw was held, there was literally no place for the apple to fall. Since the action was republican, representatives of all regions of our country took part in the videoconference, which were jubilant when the prize was given to them.

The charming anchor Dildar Islamova, thanks to her ingenuity, initiative and humor turned this action into a real holiday, an unforgettable show. Everything was transparent, honest and fair, but the numerous spectators who gathered in the Tashkent hotel, still a little disappointed that most of the prizes... went to Navoi.

“Of course, the lot is a lot, the lottery is a lottery, in my opinion, it is necessary to draw prizes in each region separately. To every participant of the action knew that the lucky winners are among those who gathered in this room,” one of the participants in the action Vladimir Stoletov shared his opinion.

Worth noting that Uzbekinvest conducts such actions on an ongoing basis.

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