The fourth podcast "Uzbekinvest": what to do in case of a car accident

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In the new issue of the Uzbekinvest podcast, experts talked about the procedure for action at the scene of an accident and the processes of insurance payments during it.

The Uzbekinvest insurance company has released its fourth podcast. In it, listeners can find out what actions to take in case of an accident, how payments for compulsory car insurance occur and why sometimes compensation is paid for a long time.

Procedure at the scene of an accident:

Stop the car and make sure that no one is injured in the accident. If there are any, you need to call an ambulance to the scene of the accident and provide first aid if necessary.

Switch on hazard warning lights and install warning triangle.

Call employees of the road safety department to the scene of the accident by calling 102 or on the telephone on duty (for Tashkent): (+998) 71-255-10-47.

Call your insurance company, where the OSGOVTS policy was issued and report the insured event. Uzbekinvest clients can notify the company about an insurance incident through a mobile application. With its help, you can immediately send photos from the scene and get advice from specialists.

In addition, at the request of customers, the emergency commissioners of the assistance service of the Uzbekinvest Company can come to the scene of an accident and provide technical assistance. For example, call a tow truck.

After registering an accident, it is necessary to record the contacts of other drivers, the traffic police officer and witnesses, if any.

Drivers, accompanied by a traffic police officer, are sent to a drug addiction clinic to determine the presence of alcohol and other substances in the blood while driving.

Compulsory auto insurance compensation payment process:

After registration of an accident, one or two days later, upon notification to the traffic police, drivers must come to a certain road safety department. There, the responsible traffic police officer determines the injured party and the culprit of the accident, based on the protocol.

Further, the injured party is given a referral to the appraisal organization, where the amount of damage caused is calculated.

The case of an accident is transferred to the court, where a verdict is issued. The process can take from several days to one month.

After the verdict is announced, the injured party provides all the necessary documents to the insurance company. The insurance company considers the insurance claim within 15 days and pays compensation to the victim.

In order to quickly receive compensation in full in such cases, "Uzbekinvest" recommends issuing a voluntary motor hull insurance policy. It compensates for the damage caused to the car of the insured, and not to the injured party.

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