Insurance Event

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Efficiency in eliminating insurance accidents is the basis of the Uzbekinvest company's ideology in relation to customer relations, without which, as mentioned above, it makes no sense to engage in insurance. In this case, the primary duty of the insured person is the timely notification of the occurrence of an insured event.

In order to simplify the procedure of insurance payments as much as possible, a convenient, reliable and fast channel for sending a message about an insured event is opened for Uzbekinvest clients - the e-mail "Statement of an insured event".

Upon receipt of an application for an insured event, it is registered in the site database. The Insurance Claims Department monitors incoming claims on a daily basis. Further, the request is considered in accordance with the accepted procedure for considering insurance claims.

You can, at the expense of your insurer (without using your mail program), send a message about an insured event:

a) give your coordinates;

b) briefly describe the insured event (upon the arrival of the insurance commissioner or in our office, you can put your signature);

c) urgently send the attached photos.

And rest assured, our representatives will contact you!


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